Who am I?

I'm a developer from Gothenburg, Sweden who likes to work with all kinds of web related project. I started working as a developer in 2000 and still love what I do. I always seek to learn and share knowledge about the latest technologies and methods that can improve my daily work as a developer. My work is not only my profession, it is a passion!

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Suitable roles:
  • Senior Developer
  • Full Stack Developer
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Full Stack Developer working with Västtrafik public websites.

Period: May 2018 - Jul 2019

Roles: Senior/Full Stack Developer.

Technologies: C#, .NET, WebApi, MVC, Vue, CSS/SCSS, NUnit, CMS...

Enviroment/hosting: Visual Studio, Elasticsearch, SQL Server.

Url: Västtrafik

Developed a new savings application that handles peoples & companys savings account, calculates interestrate and taxes, accounting, inbound and outbound cash flow.

Period: Apr 2016 - July 2017

Roles: Senior/Full Stack Developer.

Technologies: C#, .NET, DDD, Event Sourcing, CQRS, SignalR, WebApi, MVC, AngularJS, jQuery, NUnit...

Enviroment/hosting: Visual Studio, Azure (Service Bus, Web Jobs, Storage, AD authentication...), EventStore, Elasticsearch.

Url: Collector Bank

Architecture and development of a new web application for use internally and by Volvo dealers.

The application is used for handling of texts and creating documents with version handling and setting prices and margins for all the car-models, options, packages, features, colors and upholsteries for the different cars. The application also handles authorization of users, Importing of car-data and Export.

Period: Oct 2014 - Mar 2016

Roles: Architect, Lead/Full Stack Developer, Projectmanager(partially).

Technologies: C#, .NET, MVC, AngularJS, RequireJS, jQuery, Entity Framework(ORM), HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, StructureMap, AutoMapper, NLog, ServiceStack...

Enviroment/hosting: Visual Studio, SQL Server, IIS, Microsoft Server.

Worked with their public websites and intranet. Also developed a site for direct payment of new cars.

Period: Feb 2010 - Mar 2014

Roles: System Developer, Web Architect, Technical Supervisor.

Technologies: C#, .NET, EpiServer(CMS), T-SQL, jQuery, WCF, Entity Framework(ORM), HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, StructureMap, AutoMapper, NLog, Elmah, PayEx...

Enviroment/hosting: Visual Studio, SQL Server, IIS, Microsoft Server.

Part of a team that developed two public brand sites and also worked with a global intranet site.

Period: A few month in 2011

Roles: System Developer.

Technologies: C#, EpiServer, SQL Server, jQuery...

Advance Web applications for real estate owners. For managing and viewing all owned real estate consumption, cost for heat, electricity and water.

Period: Feb 2002 - Feb 2010

Roles: System Developer, Web Designer.

Technologies: C#, SQL Server, Javascript, HTML, CSS...

Customers: Göteborg Energi, Poseidon, Bostadsbolaget, Gårdstensbostäder, Familjebostäder m.m.

Personal Projects
Simple API for logging your gym workout (sets, reps, weights). Mostly used for testing new technologies like Neo4j(Graph Database), ASP.NET Core 2, OAuth 2.0 with Auth0.

Technologies: C#, ASP.NET Core 2, Neo4j, OAuth 2.0 with Auth0...

Source code: Github.
This page! ;)

Technologies: C#, .NET, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Gulp, SendGrid, Bower, npm...

Source code: Github.

Simple webbapp for logging your gym workout (sets, reps, weights). Mostly used for testing new technologies.

Technologies: C#, .NET, MongoDb, KnockoutJS/AngularJS, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, AutoMapper, NLog, Elmah...

Demo page: Training App.

Source code: Github.
Worked with:

C#, ASP.NET, Razor, Elastic Cloud, Elasticsearch, Kibana, Azure, React, Vue, Angular, Typescript, API, HTML, CSS, SASS/SCSS, Bootstrap, CQRS, Event Sourcing, SignalR, CI/CD, Dependency Injection (DI), OAuth 2.0 (via Auth0), Clean Code, Design Patterns, Neo4j/Graph Database, ORM, MongoDb, SEO, WCAG, SQL, ORM, Unit testing, Load Balancing, DVCS, Webpack, Gulp, TeamCity, Github, Bitbucket, AntiXSS, Facebook API, Google API, OpenStreetMap, Mandrill, headless CMS, CMS, Kanban...

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